Team Improv

Taught by David Lee Rock, these 90 minute weekly courses teach students short form improv comedy in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Designed for 3rd graders and up, these workshops give a foundation in improvisational theatre. Improv I introduces basic techniques for maintaining focus and mental agility. Improv II expands on techniques to include characterization and maintaining storyline. Each workshop culminates in a live performance. Upon completion of Improv III, students, fully prepared, compete with the Improv Performance Team. Learning Improv helps to improve self-esteem, confidence under pressure, collaboration, problem solving, IMAGINATION and much more.

Act Now!

Dates and Times

Classes begin Sept. 7, 2-3:30pm

Final Performance Oct. 26 at 5pm (call 4pm)

We hold this class at 4609 New Horizon Blvd #3, Bakersfield, CA 93313


Students must take classes in sequential order.


$150 per child per workshop2

Hours of Instruction - 12.5hrs

Total Workshop Time - 10.5hrs

Performance Time (incl. call) - 2hrs

Students will learn...

  • Heightened listening, focus, commitment, and teamwork skills
  • Mime and space work
  • Storytelling and public speaking

Extra Expenses

Family and friends are invited to participate in the Final Performance for $10.00 per admission.

Creative Dramatics

Taught by Guinevere PH Dethlefson, this fun and stimulating class is sure to build confidence and support cognitive development all the while teaching theatre fundamentals. With weekly themes, props & costumes and favorite stories come to life, this class is the perfect introduction to the theatre.

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Dates and Times

Class begins when enrollment exceeds four students.

One hour each week.

Final Performance



We hold class at The Empty Space.


No auditions take place in this class.

Total Workshop Time - 6hrs 30mins

Hours of Instruction - 6hrs

Performance Time (incl. call) - 30min

Students will learn...

  • Proper theatre behavior
  • Successful listening skills
  • Theatre Games

Extra Expenses

Family and friends are invited to attend the final performance for a flat admission price of $5.


$125 per child2

After School Theatre Workshop

With Fall and Spring Workshops available, these classes meet after school allowing students to improve their acting craft and expand their creative horizon! Through the use of exercises in pantomime, improvisation, voice/diction work, scene work, character analysis, students gain a solid foundation of theatre fundamentals.

Honk Jr.

Honk! JR., a heartwarming retelling of the classic story of The Ugly Duckling, is a celebration of being different that is sure to delight with its sparkling wit, unique charm and memorable music.  Hilarious and deeply moving, Honk! JR. offers equal amounts of laughter and tears. Ugly looks quite a bit different from the other ducklings and the other animals on the farm tease Ugly cruelly.  This leads to an adventure of self-discovery, all the while unknowingly outwitting a very hungry Cat. Along the way, Ugly meets a whole flock of unique characters and finds out being different is something rather special.

Act Now!

Dates and Times

Class begins Nov. 12

Class meets at 4pm-6pm T and TH

There will be no class during Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks


We hold Tuesday classes at The Empty Space1


All students will audition for all roles.



Total Workshop Time - 40hrs

Hours of Instruction - 34hrs

Performance Time (incl. call) - 6hrs

Students will learn...

  • Voice work and proper diction
  • Audition and acting techniques
  • Singing and Sol-fege
  • Choreography
  • Character and script analysis

Extra Expenses

Family and friends are invited to attend final performances at The Empty Space.1

Admission price is $15 for adults and $5 for children under 18. Each enrolled student will receive one (1) complimentary adult admission.