Team Improv I, II, III

Designed for 3rd graders and up, this super fun, 90 minute weekly workshop gives a foundation in short form improvisational comedy in a team environment. Each workshop culminates in a live performance. Improv III's final performance is a real improv match with our Improv Performance Team.

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Creative Dramatics

The perfect acting class for our youngest students ages 3 - 6. This 6 week program gives your youngest a fun introduction to acting as they star in a short performance on the final day of class. Class includes storytelling and themed lessons each week in addition to structured practice for their special show!

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Really Rosie!

This fantastic musical by Maurice Sendak featuring music by Carol King was a favorite of mine as a child.  Miss G grew up with a Nutshell Library and when she discovered the whole play her mind was blown! Our production allows students to work on the lovely stage at St. Paul's and work with live music as our talented accompanist plays the piano for our show!

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